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About Us

We specialize in medical related financing. At Medic Funding, our extensive credit lines and national relationships in every facet of financing, gives Medic Funding access to the most capital and flexibility for delivering the very best funding and loan programs in the industry. More importantly, this unique advantage does not limit us to only “one” lending product, it provides the flexibility to structure the most competitive and customized loan to fit your particular needs.

Minimum Requirements

Time In Business

1+ Years

Monthly Revenue


Credit Score


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We accept several medical business practices
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Loan Structure & Rates

These are all fixed cost loans. They are automated fixed daily and/or weekly payments 3 month to 15 month terms.

Our best term loans are stretched out 8-15 months (weekly payments 8%-16%) however; they require a high credit score and up-trending business banks statements.

Our merchant cash advances are shorter term 3-8 months with less stringent requirements (automated daily payments 16%-36%) but, early payment discounts are also availble on request.

Benefits To You

This allows you to expand your business adding an additional revenue stream.

This kind of service can help strengthen your business relationship with your clients.

Lastly, with easier access to capital you build a competitive edge that other business owners may not have.